Hello. We’re Indigo.

We think that our 50s, 60s, and beyond should be the most energized and fulfilling time on our life spectrum. Now is the best time to open ourselves to new experiences and opportunities.

We think that with every year that passes, there’s more and more potential energy ready to be unleashed in each of us.

We’ve spent a lifetime helping people achieve better health on their own terms. It’s why we have a different and more positive point of view. And it’s why we want to unleash life in our later years.

So… we’ve built Indigo for us. Our parents. Our friends… and for you, too.

Meet our team.

I’ve spent my whole adult life working to help people enjoy better health and better lives…

Craig Keyes, MD

I spent the first part of my career experience – a good 30 years of it – in health plans and health insurance…

Amy Knapp

I’ve experienced the limits we all face addressing health and wellbeing issues as we get older…

Eva Vyas

I learned that changing behavior was all about inspiring and influencing people to beat barriers…

Heather Zeitz, RD

I’ve learned that there are endless opportunities to reinvent what retirement looks like…

Steven Dean

I’ve seen firsthand the impact that creating a more purposeful life can have on friends and family…

Roddy Richards

A Second Adulthood.

We’ve gained an extra thirty years of life in just 4 generations.

That’s an entire second adulthood!

We want to thrive in that time, not just survive. So we’re helping people:

  • Overcome uncertainty related to “What’s next?”
  • Enjoy intellectually challenging and socially engaging lives
  • Focus on what’s possible, not what’s missing
  • Leverage innate talents, experience, and wisdom.

And we believe that purpose in life is the jet fuel to spark new possibilities.

Beverly, Writer

Denver, Colorado

“I want to thank you for inspiring me. I felt unsettled after I retired and you really
helped me discover a range of opportunities that also led to new connections.”