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What is indigo?

Indigo is a membership club designed to help you thrive in your Second Adulthood. As a member, you’ll be matched with an Indigo Insider, who will identify your preferences, style, and priorities. You’ll receive a hand-picked package of activities, products and experiences which will surprise and delight you, delivered to your door. Each month, new additions to your kits will provide additional insights, tools, opportunities, and connections. Learn more about our company and our purpose here.


Who are the Indigo Insiders?

These are the people you’ll be interacting with on a person-to-person basis. They’ll make sure the opportunities and experiences are perfect for you. Our Indigo Insiders are our co-founders, our partners, and people that share our approach. They’re people with a passion and purpose for helping others. Most importantly, they come with their own experience and successes in sparking new interests and opportunities for themselves or those they love. Learn more about our team here.


What does my Indigo membership include?

Your Indigo membership includes:
* Unlimited access to your Indigo Insider
* A personalized Thrival Kit, hand-picked based on your style and interests
* Exposure to unique opportunities and events that fit your interests
* Monthly updates to your kit as you try different experiences and let us know about what you love and what you’d change
* A special gift from Indigo to get you started.


What’s a Thrival Kit?

Thrival Kits are personalized packages of activities, products, opportunities, and experiences that are designed to reflect your personal style and preferences. These are all hand-picked by your Indigo Insider. Your kit will help you spark new interests, explore and enhance your talents, and stay informed. See some examples of members’ Thrival Kits here.


When will my kit arrive?

After your initial conversation with your Indigo Insider, you’ll receive a follow-up email with a recap, to make sure we get the Thrival Kit right for you. You’ll get another email as soon as your package is in the mail. Expect your Thrival Kit to arrive within a week from your Insider’s shipping notification.


What if I can’t attend an event or activity recommended in my kit?

Your Indigo Insider will work with you to make any changes needed to accommodate your schedule.


Indigo has helped me find real purpose in my life. Do I need to keep paying the monthly fee?

No. If you get to a point where you feel like the items in your kits and the advice of your Indigo Insider have helped you reach your goals, and you’d like to put your monthly membership on hold, you could definitely do that. And, if you’ve had a great experience, don’t forget to recommend us to your friends and family.